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At Avonmore, we take great care to help you get the finest quality, freshest products every time. We only source the best from a select group of farms that supply only our dairies. Naturally every drop is traceable back to our local Irish farms. And our dedicated quality team is on hand every step of the way to maintain the highest standards.

Avonmore has been a family favourite since the 1960’s. The ‘Avonmore’ brand name originates in County Kilkenny, Ireland, it refers to Avonmore Foods, which along with Waterford Foods, merged to create Glanbia plc – the international group which owns the ‘Avonmore’ brand in Ireland. In 1967 the Avonmore Creameries Federation was formed when 36 small co-operative societies and Unigate Limited came together to establish a new milk processing facility in Ballyragget, Co. Kilkenny.

The then new co-operative was named after the Avon river which flows through Callan, Co. Kilkenny, close to the location of the Group’s first processing facility. Avonmore was founded by people who foresaw that farmers could help themselves through their own multipurpose co-operative society. Their plan to grow and expand the business evoked the word more, hence Avonmore.

Avonmore is the no. 1 brand in the Irish milk market and the overall no.1 selling grocery range. We are proud of our Irish roots & our wide range of products. We are passionate about delivering quality products for our customers. Our extensive range includes milk, cream, cheese, soups creamed rice, custard and spreads.

Life tastes better with Avonmore.


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Staff at Glanbia's Ballitore Plant