Robinsons was established in 1823. The Robinsons range has a wide variety of fruit flavours and variants including Barley Water, Fruit Squash, Fruit & Barley and High Juice.

Robinsons has a strong heritage with Sport. Barley Water was first created at Wimbledon in 1934 and Robinsons has been sponsoring the Championship since 1935. This year will see the 74th Year of Robinsons on the Umpire’s Chair.

The Robinsons range has extended into the Ready-to-Drink market with Fruit Shoot. Fruit Shoot was launched in Ireland in 2000 and is available in a wide range of flavours with a sports cap bottle. In 2007, Fruit Shoot H20 was launched. This is a still spring water with natural fruit flavours. Fruit Shoot H20 is sugar free and has no artificial colours or flavours.

We love fun. Ever since we started making Robinsons, and that was over 180 years ago, we've been bringing moments of happiness and laughter to kids and adults across the country. Our range of squashes, each one made with real fruit juice, are as delicious and refreshing as they’ve always been.

Although we love fun, we do have to be serious from time to time, especially when it comes to our ingredients. We make sure only the highest quality ingredients are used so that our products are free from artificial colours and flavours. That's why we're the UK's number one squash brand, winning numerous awards along the way. But nothing is more important to us than the support we get from families all over Britain. This is why we are extremely proud of our ongoing association with the very British affair known as "Wimbledon".

Wimbledon is where it all began for Robinsons. Originally created as a drink to refresh and hydrate the players, Robinsons Barley Water soon hit the shelves and the rest, as they say, is history.

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