Tegral Supercem & Graphite Blue Slates


Supercem & Graphite Blue Slates
Supercem and Graphite Blue fibrecement slates are made in Ireland by Tegral Building Products. Supercem slates are produced in a strong black colour while Graphite Blue slates are produced in a distinctive Blue-Grey colour. Both slates are suitable for a wide range of applications and are extremely affordable.

Manufactured in 600mm x 300mm size, the slates are holed to a standard headlap of 90mm to 110mm.

Advantages of Supercem & Graphite Blue Slates:

  • 10 year colour guarantee
  • 30 year structural guarantee
  • Three point fixing system
  • No grading required
  • Pre-holed
  • Low weight
  • Versatile for complex roofs