Tegral Thrutone plus slates


ThrutonePlus & ThrutonePlus Relief Slates
Manufactured using unique coating technology, ThrutonePlus slates offer the best of both worlds in terms of beauty and function. These fibrecement slates are produced in Ireland for the Irish market and remain unsurpassed for quality and security.

Tegral offer ThrutonePlus slates in two textures; Smooth and Relief and in a variety of shapes and colours including the ever-popular Blue-Black colour. The textured surface and square edges of ThrutonePlus Relief provide a subtle change from the normal smooth finish and create an enhancement to the overall aesthetic quality of the roof.

Advantages of ThrutonePlus Slates:

  • 20 year colour guarantee
  • 30 year structural guarantee
  • Colour-coated edges
  • Three point fixing system
  • No grading required
  • Pre-holed
  • Low weight
  • Versatile for complex roofs

Colours, Shapes & Sizes:
ThrutonePlus slates are available in a range of dark colours such as Blue-Black, Heather and Turf-Brown. Lighter colours include Terracotta, Russet, Stone-Green and Slate Grey. Shapes include rectangular, bull-nosed, chamfered, scalloped and diamond. Sizes are: 600x300mm, 500x250mm and 400x400mm.